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I added the flat screen TV and computer so I could access online training courses


Who I am............................

My name is David Vernon from Virginia.  I am a HR professional with 35+ years of experience spanning a wide range of career choices including entry level positions with the Federal Government up through Director of Human Resources for several DC government contractors.  My career has evolved at a fast pace, placing me in roles with ever increasing responsibilities and challenges.  I have been committed to the Human Resources discipline from the beginning of my career, throughout my education, and continue to strive for excellence in this area.  Six years ago, I made a career decision to leave the hustle bustle of running a HR Department and entered the world of large complex Human Resource computer systems.  Currently, I am a Senior HR Applications Specialist with Oracle Corporation involved in multi-million dollar HR ERP sales with the Department of Defense, Federal Government and State/Local governments.

I was born in Alexandria, VA and am a life-long resident of the Washington, D.C., area.  After living in the Manassas, VA area for most of my life, I recently purchased a new house built in the Virginia area which is where I now reside.  Besides doing a lot of business travel and getting a new house decorated, painted and settled, I have several hobbies utilized for fun and relaxation.  My hobbies over the years have included teaching hobby ceramics, mixing dance music, and DJ'ing for private parties, raising show dogs (Pomeranians) and now Decorative Art.  A while ago  I embarked on a journey to learn everything I am able about Decorative Art.  I am finding the experience to be very rewarding as I am making many new friends and  learning many techniques.