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What's Happening in Decorative Art this Week? 


(Roses and Fusion Blending)


This was a very hectic week as Mark and I drove to Columbus Ohio for the HOOT Annual Conference.  This was our very first time attending the HOOT decorative painting conference.  I would recommend if you have never attended a HOOT conference you add it to your list of things to do.  It was really a learning experience and a lot of fun.  I have attended many conferences over the years, especially ceramic conferences when I owned a ceramics business and HOOT has to be the best organized, best run conference I have ever attended.  We really had a blast with the scheduled classes, meeting people and strolling through the many different booths on the show floor.

We arrived in Columbus, after an uneventful drive, though slow as we hit all kinds of fog in West Virginia and Pennsylvania, around 1:30 pm on Thursday, which meant we missed our scheduled class for that day.  We actually got to the hotel around 1:30 pm, had to check in, eat lunch, then find the conference center.  As soon as we were in our room, we dropped the bags, flew out the door to grab lunch and find the convention center.  Since I had missed my class, I wanted to do some shopping or at least see what was going on at the vendor booths.

We registered at the HOOT registration site, picked up our badges, the goody bag and headed for the show floor.  I do want to say that every one at the HOOT registration booth was very nice.  They welcomed us to the show and thanked us for attending, which was very nice, I thought.  

Just like Peoria, our first stop was David Jansens's (Jansen Art) booth and Martha's Global Art booth.  David was sitting there painting a gorgeous floral pattern.  So I said hello and tried not to hover as other people wanted to watch him paint.  He still makes everything look so easy.

While at the Global Art booth Mark and I chatted and laughed with many of our friends on the Heritage Artists team.  We chatted with Martha Jansen, Paul and Cathy Seymour, Georgia and Blake Dawbon.  What a blast we had with them chatting, talking about the new Heritage Educational system, the new Heritage Acryllics and yes, laughing.  Laughing a lot!  We always seem to laugh a lot when we are at their booths.  We must really be funny people, I guess.  We even got to see the new paint brochure (picked one up) as well as some of the completed pieces that were on display in Global Arts booth.  Paul and Cathy were doing "make it and take it" pieces with people using the new Heritage paints with others waiting to join the fun.  Mark and I decided to go back on Saturday morning for the "make it and take it", which we did.  I think Paul is now in therapy after our "make and take it" class. 

We took one class with Maureen McNaughton.  We were the only two men in a class of 60 people, again.  Believe it or not, we had a great time there also.  We always learn so much from Maureen.  She is a great teacher with lots of patience, as she had to deal with Mark and I, and she survived.  What can I say, I really enjoyed her class and seeing all her helpers like Sandy Scales and Sally McAloon.  In fact, we attended a Sandy Scales seminar at Painters Paradise on August 29 & 30 2009.  I would recommend a McNaughton and Scales seminar.  You can't go wrong.  I will attach pictures of the class later.

Since returning home I worked on one piece and have it finished.  I purchased Maureen's DVD on stroke roses and actually did the piece.  I have attached pictures on the right.

This piece is from Maureen's DVD - Very Nice Project

Mark and I already have our hotel room booked for this year's HOOT Conference, so we will see you there.....................

In all, a great conference, a great time, a great learning experience, meeting great people.

 I also worked on the Fusion Blending technique this week.   It is great for all individuals and utilizes the new Fusion Blending brushes. Chippendale Plaque

Rose Plaque





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