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Pampered Palette News


Today is the BIG day as Hotel Reservations for the World Of Color Expo 2014 are open and now available online. Just go to the link below to access the reservation system set up specifically for the WOCE event:

NOTE: If you would like to extend your stay at the Washington Dulles Hilton Hotel while attending WOCE, you can do so. The same special rate will be available for a couple days before the beginning of WOCE and a couple after WOCE.

Get your reservations today! Just go to the online link posted above and reserve your room online. Join us for the most exciting, progressive and fun Art Expo of 2014. Do no miss out!

Have You Promoted Art Today?

This month we attended the Folk Art Festival in Massachusetts to support John Dunn.  John had a booth at the show selling many of his finished pieces.  Below are a few pictures of John's booth.



Again we have made another trip up to John Dunn's home on April 20, 2013 to pick some additional new finished signed artwork of John's to take along with us to the Conferences this summer.  We recently had two John Dunn seminars here, just a couple of weeks ago, and we sold 40 of John's original pieces of artwork during the seminar.  Therefore, that prompted the need to make another try so quickly to his home for more pieces.  While there I received the following pieces as a gift, not from John, for my birthday.  I thought I would share the pieces with everyone.  Enjoy them as they are just stunning.

The floral picture above is the only one that is painted using oils.  The rest are acrylics.  Just stunning.

Well we made another trip to John Dunn's home on March 16, 2013 to pick up some new finished signed artwork so that we will be able to take them to the Conferences this summer.  Here are a few pictures of some of the pieces that we brought back with us from our visit.  They are stunning.



Manatee Haven Decorative Artists (Florida) Seminar

Here you go.  These are the pictures from this past Saturday's, March 09, 2013, seminar at the Manatee Haven Decorative Artists Chapter in Florida.  We flew in on Friday to Orlando took a road trip Saturday morning about 2 hours to the seminar.  We started painting around 9:30 am and stopped around 4:30 pm.  What a great time we had with all of the attendees.  We had about 35 ladies that participated in the class.  Everyone did an outstanding job as you can see from the pictures.  We cannot wait for our return engagement.

We painted beautiful strawberries and daisies using DecoArt's Traditions acrylics and mediums.  Many of the ladies had never used Traditions before so this was a great introduction to a fantastic line of color.

The group also brought in some show and tell pieces which were outstanding.  Those items are pictured here as well.  What a great group of ladies.

John Dunn Originals


NCC Chapter Paint

Mark and I attended the Nation's Capital Chapter of SDP meeting yesterday in Northern Virginia and after the meeting taught a little class. We used DecoArt's Traditions Acrylics/Mediums and Scharff Brushes to do a little fusion blending.

Since I was teaching yesterday (and running my mouth in between steps), I did not get that many pictures but I thought I would share those that I did remember so shoot. You may see a few familiar faces.

Thank you NCC for having us out.

Have you Promoted Decorative Painting Today?


PVDA Comes to Pampered Palette

The second weekend of January, we (Pampered Palette) hosted the Potomac View Decorative Artist chapter for a Paint In. I (David) taught a Fusion Blending class to everyone that attended where some of the individuals painted on an old washboard while others painted on slate, wood, etc. We used DecoArt's Traditions Acrylics and Mediums along with Scharff Aqua Flow brushes. What great products these are, just cannot beat them. We had a great time with this paint in and definitely invited the PVDA group back to paint with us at any time. We laughed, chatted, laughed and of course painted. PVDA had their monthly meeting prior to their paint in. We had several door prizes of Maureen McNaughton Ceramic coffee mugs and one BIG door prize. The biggest door prize was a John Dunn Original/Signed painting. That prize was won by Marilyn Tracy. Way to go.

Next weekend I teach at the Nation's Capital Chapter of SDP and then I fly to Florida to teach a class with Manatee, Ocala, and Nature Coast chapters (one class). It is going to be a very busy year.

Have you promoted decorative painting today!

Our Visit To John Dunn's Home

You know one of the things that I like to do and firmly believe that it is critical to the survival and growth of our industry is the sharing of information. That is just what I try to do and some people feel that maybe I share too much. Oh well. There is just information that I feel needs to be shared. I am extremely lucky that in 4 short years I have been able to spend time with some FANTASTIC artists and this weekend was no exception. Mark and I drove up to Massachusetts to spend time with an outstanding artist and that artist is John Dunn. What in the world can I say about this visit that describes the complete experience. I would say that I was in total awe at John. Not only does he have beautiful collections of pewter, Hummels, mustache cups, stoneware, baskets, copper, toy banks, toys, early American folk art, Peter Ompir/Warner Wrede pieces but of course he has his beautiful paintings.

What a truly beautiful experience this weekend turned out to be with spending time with an artist that is fully surrounded by color. John loves color. We are sitting in his studio and John was showing how he paints his beautiful fruit, how he highlights that same fruit and even a little antiquing information. He shared so much information with us that there were times I was overwhelmed. John would sit there a take a little dab of Alizarin Crimson, a little yellow, some green, and pull a beautiful leaf where all of the colors he used displayed beautifully. He did not layer the colors this was done all in one stroke. He would sit there and say "just look that those colors", "They're beautiful" and they were just that. I do not think that I have ever experience anyone that was so in to color. I loved every minute of it. His studio is so organized with every type of paints you could image (oils, acrylics, metallic, etc.) and BRUSHES. He had so it seemed thousands of brushes of which most were brand new. An awesome experience that I will carry with me forever.

We also took a little trip over to another property where John has his finished pieces. Did you know that John also does flower arrangements and even creates Tiffany lamp shades (with glass)? Unbelievable his talents. He held up a Tiffany shade that he had created to the light and said "Just look at all the colors". It was truly beautiful. The colors just popped. While at this property Mark and I started to select those pieces that we were going to bring back to sell at this year's conference and through our online store. We have brought back 44 pieces that everyone will be able to select and buy. We are currently photographing all the pieces so we can get them up on the website asap. BEAUTIFUL pieces. Did I say BEAUTIFUL? Of course, I purchased 3 outstanding pieces that John had just completed to add to our collection.........oh boy! I will post pictures of these available pieces later but the pictures I am posting here are of our visit with John, his collections and of course his beautiful paintings. Check out the painting on canvas of the watermelon slice. My gosh, the colors are unbelievable. They just pop. To be surrounded by such beauty every day is just unreal. I could sit and stare at all of his collections and paintings for hours.

After the little shopping spree of John Dunn originals, we drove back to John's house where he cooked a mean dinner for us and we just sat around talking about Peter Ompir and Warner Wrede. The stories of Peter and Warner's farm, antique shop and their painting styles were just priceless. John gave me a real Peter Ompir check that they used for their business back then so now that is part of my collection. After dinner we went back to John's studio where he again painted for us, gave us tips, viewed some more of his collection of Peter Ompir and just chatted. What a truly fantastic experience. We left John's around 9 pm mainly because all of us were getting a little tired and we certainly did not want to wear out our welcome. John has invited us back up to his house any time we would like to go and you better believe that we intend to go back especially to personally paint with John.

The next morning we hit the road around 5:30 am to drive back to Virginia. All the way back can you guess what we talked about? You are right, our truly outstanding visit with an exceptional person and artist...........John Dunn. What a great weekend. Please enjoy the pictures.

Our Trip to Visit with John Dunn

My goodness what in the world can I say about yesterday? Mark and I drove to Waterford Virginia to attend their annual arts and crafts festival. Waterford is on the Historic register as it was incorporated in 1733 and what they town does is turn the whole area into the festival. They have home tours, civil war re-enactments, lots of crafts, lots of art, strolling musicians, jugglers, etc. I think you get the picture. The whole town is closed down to the HUGE arts and crafts festival. Well Mark and I made a special trip to the festival to see John Dunn (RL). Not only were we very anxious about meeting John but we had spoken to Priscilla Hauser the evening before going and we had a message to deliver from Priscilla to John.

We arrived at the show early meeting up with Carolyn Spencer, Jean, Alice, Michele Walton and her mother Larae (SP). We looked around a little but headed directly to the area where John Dunn was located. Oh my gosh, when we got there I just did not know what to do. I had never seen so many John Dunn pieces, and I mean beautiful pieces, in one location ever. This was like being a kid in the candy store. What a great day we had with John as we spent maybe about 2 hours just speaking with him about art, his paintings and the industry. And boy did we shop. I am attaching pictures here of all the beautiful pieces that I purchased to add to my collection. I am so excited about the pieces that I have placed them on display for this weekend's Michele Walton seminar at our studio to share with all the attendees. I just cannot tell you when we have had a better weekend.

Please enjoy the pictures (I tried to minimize the glare) at these pieces are absolutely stunning. We have been invited to John's home in Mass. to few his other paintings and collections, so we will be planning that trip soon. Oh my gosh, did I say it was a great day? I am just overwhelmed by all the beauty that I viewed. Just stunning.


There is never a dull moment around here. This week after my Lois Mueller seminar I flew Monday to Pasadena CA. Was there for work and returned last night. Lots to do but would like to try and paint a little this weekend. I have Tatiana... arriving next week from Russia for her seminar scheduled for next weekend. Then we get ready for HOOT after which we have Rosemary West. I know, you think that does not sound like a lot but I am also going to fly to Tulsa some weekend in August to visit with Priscilla. Lots to do.

Busy, Busy, Busy.

Houston Artist Expo 2012
We had an absolutely fabulous time at the Artist Expo Conference.  What a week of fun, painting, eating, laughing and heat (temps).  We will be there next year.  Here are some pictures from this year's conference:

SDP Conference 2012
We had a great time at this year's SDP Conference.  Here are some pictures:

Come for Cake and Roses!

We are so honored to have Priscilla Hauser demonstrating her beautiful roses in our booths May 17th at the SDP Conference.

When: May 17, 2012
Time : 2 pm till ?
Where: Booths 411, 413, 415 & 417 - Pampered Palette

Join Pampered Palette for a little pampering, a piece of cake to celebrate SDP's 40th year and experience Priscilla Hauser demonstrating her amazing talents.

We are coming to SDP in a BIG way this year with lots of surprises and goodies.

Mark your calendars to stop by our booths. OH....and while you at at the Conference, remember to vote for me (David Vernon) Candidate for Board Member at Large.

See you at the conference.


Treasure Coast Decorative Painters Weekend Seminar/Class

We, Pampered Palette, were on the road again this weekend promoting decorative painting. This weekend's class took us to the Treasure Coast Decorative Painters Chapter located in Port St Lucie, Florida. We had a great time as we introduced many of the members to the Traditions Acrylics and the Fusion Blending technique. All the members had a great time painting and learning the new technique. In fact, everyone was very excited that they ended the day and was able to leave the class with finished pieces. The pattern is a David Vernon design/pattern packet (that is me) - nothing like some strawberries and daisies........You have got to love it.

Again, our trip to Florida was to promote decorative painting, introduce the Traditions paints and a new technique to the chapter members. It was a fantastic time. We painted, we laughed, we painted, we ate and then we painted. The chapter members set up a great lunch of all homemade goodies. It was a meal for Kinds and Queens. Absolutely fantastic! We would like to thank our friends at Treasure Coast Decorative Painters for making this event outstanding. Hopefully we will see them all again real soon. We are attaching some photos of the event. Take a look at the pictures, everyone did an outstanding job.

David Vernon is available to all chapters for classes and seminars. Learn and use new techniques, paints, and brushes as you build on your knowledge base and promote decorative painting.



Open House February 12, 2012

We have a confirmed date now for our Open House. Here are the details so far. The Open House will be to launch all of our new products lines that we have added to our studio including DecoArt Americana, DecoArt Traditions, JoSonja Acrylics, Maureen McNaughton Products, Scharff Quality Brushes, new surfaces, new supplies and new books by Lois Mueller and Michele Walton. These products are new to our studio. We would like to invite everyone to come on out to our studio and see all the changes.

Our doors will open at 9 am Sunday February 12th. We will have two FREE classes for those attending. The first class will begin at 10 am with special guest artist Carolyn Spencer and the second class will begin at 1 pm with special guest artist Sandy Scales. All attendees planning to paint during the class should bring all of their normal painting supplies including brushes, paper towels, brush basins, etc. We will provide additional information about the classes soon.

Since we will be celebrating/launching all of our new products, we will have door prizes (announced soon), discounts on certain products, food and drink.

Come on out for a day of Fun, Food, Friendship and Painting. Watch this space for additional information or send an email message to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Also.......visit our website and online store for information or to order all your decorative painting supplies at




Happy New Year

Last year (2011) was our BIGGEST year so far. We have grown by leaps and bounds. What will 2012 hold for us and the decorative art community?

Well this morning we announced another great seminar for Pampered Palette for the 2012 seminar season. We are hosting Michele Walton in October (13 & 14).

I do not know if many of you have noticed but we are always full of surprises. So here is another fantastic seminar added to our list. My gosh what can I say. Just since November 2011 removed one product line and added DecoArt Americana, DecoArt Traditions, JoSonja paint lines, Maureen McNaughton's complete product line, JW Varnish product line, Scharff Quality Brush line, new books, new patterns, new surfaces, new seminars and there is more to come. These new products were added after 3 years of requests coming from our customers. We are a studio for the decorative painting community and our customers so we are here for you not a particular product line.

Wait until you see us at the SDP Conference. We will be full of surprises there. Are you attending the SDP Conference? Be sure to stop by our booths there will be lots going on there with, of course, surprises. We are just busting at our seams with news but we cannot tell you guys everything at one time. Watch these pages and our website for all the latest news and more surprises.


Visit for all the latest products, supplies, books, patterns, DVDs, etc.




We would like to thank Andy Jones and all the staff at the Museum of Decorative Painting for including such a great article about Pampered Palette in this months newsletter. We are attaching a copy of the article here for those that have not seen the article.

Visit the museum at their website to view collection and museum information or to buy some great items from their store. Let's support our Museum.  Museum article below:

2012 SDP Conference Cyberspace Class

You know we are only months away from the SDP Conference, are you going?

We know not everyone will be able to attend but it is a great time to support your National organization (SDP) in some way. Maybe you need to join SDP or renew your membership or better yet, reach out across industries to friends whether they paint, do ceramics, scrapbook, quilt, cake decorate or any other craft/art area. Invite them to attend the SDP Conference or join the organization. Let's build our industry back and increase our numbers by all of us joining together to promote decorative painting. What a great time to come together and build a better, larger, stronger SDP and industry. Let's be all inclusive.

If you are coming to the Conference, then you should attend one of the events that just happens to be sponsored by Pampered Palette. The Conquer Your Fear of Flying in Cyberspace event (page 17 in the Conference Class Catalog) which is scheduled Wednesday, May 16, 2012 from 1-5 pm. Join Mary Kingslan Giblisco, CDA, Dawn Knowles and myself (David Vernon) as we guide you through many aspects of using a computer, IPAD, IPHONE or any other web enabled device to access online classes and use social networking like Facebook, LinkedIn, Ning, Twitter, and blogs. Ever wondered how to use PayPal or Skype? Well that will be covered as well. Join us and be sure to bring your questions.

As the sponsor of this event, Pampered Palette will provide one IPAD giveaway for one of our lucky class registrants. If you are coming to the SDP Conference, you do not want to miss this event. Make plans to attend.

Information concerning the Cyberspace event is available on page 17 of the Conference Class Catalog.

50% Off on all GlobalArt, JansenArt, Heritage and David Jansen Products



In the spirit of providing superior support and to be an all inclusive studio for all of our customers , we are making many changes at Pampered Palette.  What are we announcing?

Pampered Palette is very pleased to announce that we are now distributors for the following outstanding product lines:

Maureen McNaughton Arts

DecoArt Americana Acrylics

DecoArt Traditions

Scharff Quality Brushes

We have also added the Jo Sonja Acrylics color line as well.

What does that mean for you?  It means that we have listened to our customers and now you have flexibility of choice when shopping for to products, supplies and seminars offered by our studio.  Now we will be able to offer a variety of seminars tailored to the needs  and wishes of our community.

We are very proud of the changes that we have implemented and look forward to serving and pampering all new and existing customers.  Visit our website online store at to view the many changes that have been implemented.

We would like to thank all our customers for their patience and support while we were making the many studio and product changes mentioned.  Your business and continued support is truly appreciated.

Note:  Pampered Palette will no longer stock, sell or promote Global Art, Jansen Art, Heritage and David Jansen product lines.


I just thought I would let you know that I am running for the SDP Board as member at large for next year. I know this may seem a little early but I am reaching out to painting friends and chapters requesting their support. I know that I am fairly new to the industry but everything that I do and have done is to promote decorative painting, increase member numbers and try to increase our industry presence. I was asked if I would run by the nominating committee while at HOOT and I accepted as I feel that now is a perfect time to work with our chapters and members to build a bigger, stronger, and more responsive SDP. If we all work together, then we can definitely make a difference. I will be representing the members, chapters and other painting friends if I am elected. I will use my years of experience (over 40) in business, marketing and Human Resources management to help bring about change throughout SDP. It is time for a new, bigger, stronger and better SDP, I think.

The voting, as you know, will be at next year's 2012 SDP Conference however, for those members that cannot attend the conference, there is an absentee ballot process where non-attending members can vote making their voices heard.

Hopefully, I can count on your vote and support. I think it is time that our members are heard and my intention is to work very hard on their behalf.


Check out the latest issue of CAG's CeraKanvas Online Magazine - Visit the following URL To View and Read the "My Secret Garden" edition

HOOT 2011

is coming and we will be there!  Booths 123, 125 & 127 - See you there!

Yep! HOOT is only a couple of months away so we are busy planning what needs to be done.  Pampered Palette will be a HOOT again this year with 3 booth spaces.  We would like to invite all our friends to come visit us at HOOT, Columbus, Ohio.  The show is August 8 - 13, 2011.  Visit Pampered Palette at booths 123, 125, & 127.  See you there!

Our trip to the SDP Conference (May 2011) was really quite eventful this year as we met many people, exchanged ideas, took some classes and of course mingled.  We thought we could share some pictures of our trip.

We were even able to take one of David's classes (Rosemaling).  We could not take another class due to having to set up our booths, not enough time. Hopefully next year we will be use to the drive from Virginia to Kansas.


What a great day we had at our first ever Open House.  We had over 50 people join us for the day participating the in "make and take" classes taught by Carolyn Spencer and Sandy Scales.  Everyone seemed to have a great time painting, chatting, browsing, buying and of course eating.  We could not have an event without FOOD now could we?  We would like to thank everyone can came out and joined us for such a great day.  Here are few pictures of the day.

Watch for information about the 2012 Open House.

PLEASE DIRECT ALL QUESTIONS TO This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



We are having a Holiday sale on all remaining discontinued Heritage, GlobalArt, David Jansen and JansenArt merchandise.

The Holiday SALE will continue until all of the sale items are gone. With the holiday season rapidly approaching, this is a perfect time to take advantage of the sale, save some money and obtain items that will make great gifts. NOTE: There will be no re-orders or special orders. This sale applies only to in stock merchandise.

These are the same Acrylic paints, DVDs, Books, Brushes, Mediums, and Patterns that can obtained from any Heritage Distributor or Dealer but why pay retail when we have all of the items at 50% off their retail price.

Take advantage of our 50% off Sale. Get your HERITAGE ACRYLICS/MEDIUMS, DAVID JANSEN PATTERNS, DAVID JANSEN DVDs, DAVID JANSEN BOOKS, GLOBAL ART BRUSHES and some discontinue Jansen wood items. While supply last - 50% off.

What is on Sale?

All Global Art (Jansen) Brushes 50% off
All David Jansen DVDs 50% off
All Heritage Acrylics 50% off
All Heritage Mediums 50% off
All David Jansen Books 50% off
All David Jansen Patterns 50% off
All GlobalArt Palette Liners 50% off
Discontinued Wood Surfaces 50% off

These items make great holiday presents for friends and family. Get them before they are gone!

Pampered Palette is very proud to be the Maureen McNaughton Products,  DecoArt Americana, DecoArt Traditions and Scharff Brush distributors.

Happy Shopping

Visit our website online store at and select the "Sale 50% off" category. Questions can be directed to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call us at (703) 754-8141.

"The Premiere Studio For The Decorative Artist"